PAUL HEWITT reflects the mysterious charm of the sea and a somewhat nautical style in his watches and jewellery, giving them their timeless, yet fashionable, charm. This is complemented by the three ideals – quality, originality and consistency – which have allowed the brand to win over the Greek public and to secure a place in the most competitive area of the domestic market.

The wonderful collections of PAUL HEWITT jewellery and watches are known for their timeless and elegant lines which are combined with modern colour combinations.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Paul Hewitt lived in England, where he worked as a tailor. When he was there, he met a beautiful young lady from Prussia and followed his heart overseas, moving to northern Germany and opening a men’s store that combined the famous British style with the region’s naval tradition. One hundred years later, his great grandson researched his family tree in an attempt to find inspiration to create his own brand of watches, jewellery and accessories, and decided to follow his ancestor’s naval tradition.

The Paul Hewitt brand has an anchor trademark that adorns both the watches and jewellery in its collections.

The main unisex watch collections are the “Sailor” and “Signature” collections, while the “Grand Atlantic” collection which obviously includes larger pieces, is the men’s collection. The purely women’s “Miss Ocean” collection is a recent addition to the brand.

All the collections feature watches with timeless designs and are equipped with Ronda quartz movements and sapphire crystal glass. They are waterproof up to 50m and are available with bracelets, NATO fabric straps or German-made leather straps.

The brand has three main bracelet collections – the “North Bound” collection, with leather straps that wrap around the wrist and are adorned with an anchor in various shades (gold, pink gold, silver and black). The bracelets in the “Phreps” collection come with a leather or textile strap and a characteristic anchor clasp and the Ancuffs collection features fixed stainless-steel bracelets.

Finally, the jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver or 18k gold, and always carries the brand’s trademark (the anchor).


Modern design & minimal aesthetics are combined with a timeless elegance and the Northern culture of Germany to invite us to “haul up the anchor” and to get involved with whatever we really love and whatever truly inspires us in life.